our program contains COURSES and WORKSHOPS.


are available for beginner and improver level, all courses take 5 weeks á 1 hour per week.

You pay for the complete course: 50€ normal, only 40€ for students.

You can register as a couple or just single, we will try to find a partner for you, however if there are too many guys or girls in the class, we will rotate and switch partners.


are available as single classes, as well as 10er tickets.

A single Workshop costs 10€.

10er ticket costs 80€ normal price or 70€ reduced price for students if you show us your student pass. With 10er ticket you can choose which Workshop and level of class you want to take each week, just look for the "W" icon in our program.

In each Workshop we teach a separate combination according to the respective level, after the class you have the chance to record the move for practise at home. Please show us your ticket before the Workshop always for registration.

The 10er ticket is valid for 6 months and you have the chance to get a free workshop per ticket with our "Friends Bonus". For Workshops you don´t need to register upfront.


Bring a friend and get a free class. The friend you bring must be new to our classes.

He/she only needs to take a normal single Workshop or Course.


Sabrina Tuchan

Fürth, Germany

+49 160 3018051